An-My Lê at MAS (Antwerpen)

2014. Filming and editing for Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS)

“I have always found the military an incredible enterprise. It’s an overwhelming force. It’s sublime because it’s inherently horrific and beautiful. People tend to look at war as something very black and white and it’s not like that at all. So how do you approach the subject and explore it in a complicated way? I think that’s what I am trying to do.”

The exhibition focuses on two landmark series in the complex oeuvre of this prominent contemporary photographer in the United States. The series Small Wars follows Vietnam War re-enactors in North Carolina and 29 Palms records the activities of Marines training for the Iraq war in the California desert. They are complemented by a number of new works in colour that derive from the series Events Ashore, which focuses on peacetime missions of the US Army. Envisioning memory and anticipation of conflict as they are played out in the landscape, Lê’s large-format photographs subtly scramble the visual codes by which we imagine war.

Small Wars by An-My Lê. 20.05 – 31.07.2014. MAS.