Chagall | MRBAB

2015. Filming and editing for Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Retrospective exhibition Chagall –
28.02 > 28.06.2015

Over 200 works of Marc Chagall have been gathered worldwide for this major retrospective exhibition. From his early paintings of 1908 to his final, monumental works of the 1980s, the exhibition offers a rich overview of the painter’s artistic career.

Besides the main themes of Chagall’s work, in particular his connection with Jewish culture and the iconography of the Jewish village and folk traditions, the exhibition also showcases the revelation of light and the particular use of colour as well as his discovery of 17th century literature (La Fontaine in particular). Special attention is given to his Russian period where his personal style makes him stand out in an avant-garde art scene dominated by the cubist revolution. The original poetic language of Chagall is faithfully reproduced and the visitor is immersed in his amazing artistic world influenced by multiple cultures and traditions.