Elodie Antoine | Aeroplastics

2015. Filming and editing for Aeroplastics.

Aeroplastics, until March 7th 2015.
Elodie Antoine’s exhibition at Aeroplastics, is first of all the meeting between the space and her works. She imperceptively transforms this enormous house – as witnessed by these tentacles in felt that extend upwards from the bottom of the cellar and push us towards the upper floors… chairs animated with bacterial life, a piece of furniture with a pierced pile of bath towels, flaccid combs, hair brushes (in the most literal sense!), with others from which the bristles inexorably spring forth, tubes of lipstick that turn into forests… So many elements drawn from everyday life or linked to a femininity transfigured by the artist, quite naturally assume their respective place within the mansion’s different rooms.