Franz Erhard Walther at WIELS (Brussels)

2014. Filming and editing for the Franz Erhard Walther Foundation and WIELS.


Franz Erhard Walther’s exhibition offers an in-depth look at an influential German artist whose pioneering work straddles minimalist sculpture, conceptual art, abstract painting, and performance all while positing fundamental questions about the conventional idea of the artwork as an immutable, obdurate pedestalor wall-bound thing. Bringing together pivotal works made between the 1950s and the present, this exhibition focuses on Walther’s ability to transform notions of objecthood and perception through drawings, paintings, fabric sculptures, participatory forms, languagebased works, photographic documentation and archival material.

WIELS – 21.02 – 11.05.2014

Franz Erhard Walther 01 Franz Erhard Walther 05Franz Erhard Walther 09Franz Erhard Walther 02Franz Erhard Walther 08Franz Erhard Walther 06Franz Erhard Walther 07