hoy mismo

2012. Corporate documentary. 45′.

1st assistant director for Minimal Films and Sanofi.



Right Now reflects the everyday reality of our healthcare system. It does so from an individual’s perspective; those who face the daily challenge of curing a disease, whether the patient, the physician treating the condition or those who, in one way or another, contribute towards obtaining an effective treatment for all citizens in need.

Right Now focuses on the story of four main characters. Through their day to day lives, this documentary reflects hope, but also the concerns of people affected by a disease. Their fight, their effort, their desire to succeed and triumph in the face of adversity. And it also explains the vocation of healthcare professionals to understand, support and treat their patients. But Right Now tries to go further: this documentary also describes the work of people who, either in public administration, as patients or pharmaceutical and healthcare industry professionals, contribute their will, effort and dedication to ensure that every citizen in need has access to the best available treatments and medications.

In fact, Right Now is a recognition of a tribute to all those who strive every day to cure diseases and improve the quality of life of people in this country. Because in the end, sooner or later, we will all be patients one day.


Con una fuerte componente humana, este proyecto pretende dar a conocer el funcionamiento de la empresa desde sus bases. Haciéndola más accesible y cercana a través de su realidad y de la de sus trabajadores. «Hoy mismo» cuenta la historia de tres de sus empleados y de su relación laboral con la realidad personal de ellos.

Dirigido por Albert Solé.