kunstenfestivaldesarts 2015

2015. Filming and editing for Kunsten Festival des Arts.

The twentieth edition of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts ended in Brussels on 30 May 2015. The festival opened an artistic and human space which a large public of enthusiasts shared for three weeks. Thirty-one artistic projects spread around the city, the majority being world-premiere creations. Surprising, inspiring and daring creations resulting in … full houses!

For its twentieth edition the Kunstenfestivaldesarts is joining forces with the Beursschouwburg, a partner from the very beginning that is turning 50 years old in 2015. The Rue Auguste Orts will be transformed into a bustling and bubbling festival centre!

Les Marches de la Bourse calls for a series of past demonstrations to return to this symbolic place today, to disobey the ban on demonstrating here and reactivate a critical history of the struggles in Brussels. When speaking of re-enactment, there is often the sense of taking an object from the past for the purpose of analysing it today. On the contrary, Les Marches de la Bourseis not searching for an archaeological dimension. The demonstrations are not indicative of historical objects now inactive, but of forces resurfacing from the past to speak to the present. It is not a museum. This is a real demonstration.

In La Substance, but in English, a group of performers spend four and a half hours producing and transforming an environment in which objects are equals with humans. Gleaming merchandise, plus signs, music and materials, make up the pop and festive decor of a post-hippie reunion that freely includes the audience.