kunstenfestivaldesarts 2014

2014. Filming and editing for Kunsten Festival des Arts.



LET PEOPLE MOVE FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER.  This was one of the statements adorning the city in Tim Etchells’ poster project during this year’s Kunstenfestivaldesarts. In May 2014, the 19th festival provided an intense period of human movement and encounters. For three weeks, more than thirty very diverse, yet united artistic creations allowed ideas to be circulated, viewpoints to be exchanged and different forms of gatherings to be held. They generated a lively space, here and now in the Capital of Europe, in an uncertain social and political climate.

Among the thirty or so projects presented this year were several creations supported by the festival that are faithful to its spirit of engagement and risk taking. From 100% Brussels – an extensive and symbolic project set in the context of the city and what is happening now, conceived for 100 ‘Brusselaars’ by Rimini Protokoll – to remarkable creations by artists from all over the globe, Kunstenfestivaldesarts audiences were able to share in some unsettling and inspiring creative approaches. New and fascinating works by Milo Rau, Tsai Ming-liang, Brett Bailey, Marcelo Evelin and many others made a huge impression – all exceptional, precious creations initiated by the festival. This year’s festival also offered an opportunity to see the latest works by some big names, such as Claude Régy, as well as discovering powerful, up-and-coming artists like Alessandro Sciarroni.

The 2014 festival centre, the former Marivaux Cinema, in itself constituted an invitation to move. For three weeks, this disused space in the city centre was transformed into an unexpectedly vibrant and lively venue.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international Brussels-based festival. A project that brings together professionals from here and there, who are attracted by its specific and bold programming, and diverse, inquisitive audiences prepared to be displaced. A polyglot project involving a variety of forms that brings numerous partners, artists and enthusiastic audiences into contact with one another – with over 23,000 tickets sold (an estimated occupancy rate of 97%), many hours of exchange and discussion, and long evenings punctuated by singular creations and artistic and human encounters. TIME SHOULD GO LESS QUICKLY.